ToorCamp 2022

Darcy Neal

Darcy's Bio:
Darcy Neal is a new media artist, cyborg, and educator. With a background in sculpture, lighting installations, and audio electronics, their work has evolved over the years to explore the cross-pollination of the senses through interactive works and way too many hobbies.

Justin's Bio:
Immersive and Interactive Technologist, live remix artist, maker of blinkenlights and synthesizers. Currently haunting Portland, Oregon designing museum exhibits, pop-up theme parks, and foregoing a normal human sleep schedule.

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Learn to Solder by building a Glow Club pathlighter badge!
Darcy Neal

Learn to solder and join the glow club! Join us to build a simple badge that can help light your path at night.

Workshops - Hardware Hacking Stage
Hardware Hacking Stage