ToorCamp 2022

breedx (he/him)

breedx is a hacker, artist, experimenter, polyglot programmer, and dad from Portland, OR. He was the DorkbotPDX community overlord for a decade and has helped to create permanent sound art installations at a well-known software company. During the day, he works on open source software observability/telemetry systems. At other times he is likely to be doing sound recording, collaborating with Futel (to install free public payphones), and proselytizing the Church of Robotron (to save humanity from the inevitable 2084 robot/AI apocalypse).

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Hacking sound: an intro to Pure Data, a powerful and surprisingly accessible open source audio programming environment
Jesse Mejia, breedx (he/him)

This workshop is a hands-on introduction to working with audio in Pure Data (PD). PD is the free/libre visual/dataflow programming language and the cousin / younger parent of MaxMSP. PD lives in it's own idiomatic world where you build flow charts with something like audio patch cables, and the thing you build is the programming logic and also the user interface. Pd patches can create things like a custom instrument/synth, noise maker, meditation aid, telephony tone generator, FX box, audio installation, or commercial experience design engine. We will build some glitchy audio tools/toys/terrors from scratch. No programming chops are needed or even preferred, and you will exit the workshop as an empowered human with new skills in audio hacking. Bring a laptop and headphones!

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