ToorCamp 2022

Modular Synthesis with Eurorack
2022-07-16, 17:30–17:50 (US/Pacific), Prime Dome

Looking like mess of wires and knobs and resembling something Shady Tel might be familiar with, modular synthesizers stand at the intersection of art and technology. Individual modules follow the Unix philosophy of combining small tools that do one thing well. By connecting these modules in any of millions of different combinations, musicians create their own custom instruments capable of almost any sound imaginable. In this talk, the audience will get an introduction to modular synthesizers with the popular Eurorack format. Through a live demonstration of the author’s Eurorack system we’ll discuss the basic building blocks, introduce and walk through the classic “East Coast” subtractive synthesis style, and build up to some banging techno.

Aaron is a software engineer by trade, and a hardware tinkerer and musician by nature. He started playing with modular synthesizer three years ago, and quickly began open source designing modules of his own. He live in Seattle with his wife and two cats.