ToorCamp 2022

Weather Balloon Launch
07-16, 10:00–11:00 (US/Pacific), Volleyball Court - NightMrkt After Dark

Launching and racing a mid altitude weather balloon to circumnavigate the earth! (Hopefully)

In coordination with the Great Plains Super Launch we are launching a mid altitude weather balloon with a ham radio tracking device (APRS) in to the jetstream and racing it around the world. If you want to see it in real time the callsign will be K7HAK-12 for those of you that want to track it and see telemetry data via radio or on or
My goal is to have it find neutral buoyancy at the same altitude as the middle of the jetstream, the tracker is a qrp-labs lite APRS module that will be powered during the sunlight with a small solar panel and a couple super capacitors. It will be hauled by a sbs-13 super pressure balloon, I'm bringing everything unassembled and unprogrammed so if its anything that interests you if you hit me up and we can get this thrown together. Will need to construct the 2 meter antenna, solder the components on it, waterproof it somewhat and test it out preflight.
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