ToorCamp 2022

ADHD in Hacking
2022-07-16, 17:00–17:20 (US/Pacific), Prime Dome

Lets celebrate and make fun of the ways ADHD messes with us; and maybe learn some coping skills to boot

Are you one of those people who has troubles doing something for two minutes and then at other times dives so deep you forget to do things like sleep or eat? While everyone else has one or two solutions to a problem do you have two dozen? Do you find that coffee calms you? Were your school report cards filled with statements like "doesn't try hard enough"?...

The hacking community is one of those great places for ADHD minds. Reverse engineering, making new things and solving problems are horribly engaging which is great for us. This talk will be a celebration of all the horrible ways ADHD messes with us along with a few good tips and information on the subject.

I'm a somewhat crazy guy who loves to design things. My favourite things are good food, tough problems and making things work. I've got a bunch of experience in way too many fields to be useful. I've made my own pipelined demosaic for FPGAs and optimized cookie recipes for quality, repeatability and cost.