ToorCamp 2022

Hardware hacking for beginners + Glitching.
2022-07-15, 12:00–12:50 (US/Pacific), Prime Dome

Had a radio that no one knew the password for it. All I wanted was to wipe it and get it setup again. Their reset procedures were failing. I fell on my sword, and called support. After we tried it all, they just sent a new piece of hardware. However, I still had “working” hardware.

The reset instructions just failed to work (bug in the code?). I then pulled apart the radio, and found all kinds of stuff for me to connect up to. I’ll explain the process of reverse engineering the hardware, connecting the serial (UART), and recovering the device, as well as hardware that works super well to get into this. Cheap Logic probes, etc.

Intro to Hardware Reverse Engineering, as well as Intro to Glitching.

David M. N. Bryan is a Hacker with X-Force Red, IBM’s elite security testing team. He hacks Mainframes, ATMs, Storage devices, IoT devices, Payment Systems, etc. He’s been in info-sec (and goon) for 22+ years.

David has well over a decade of experience. From being a defender of security at a top ten banks, to securing the DEF CON network. David has been a participant in the information security community for over two decades. David has been the attacker in many scenarios as a penetration tester covering: ATMs, embedded devices, network, wireless, web applications, and physical security. David has presented at many security conferences including: BlackHat, DEF CON, ToorCon, LayerOne, ToorCamp, BSides Events, AppSecUSA, Etc.