Nerf Modding 101 (Workshop)

Are you a gadgeteer, modder, tinkerer? Do you want to be but hardly know how to use a screwdriver? Well, then this workshop is for you... There is no reason to settle for a stock blaster out of the box!

Join long time prop maker, inventor & nerf modifier Riverside in a workshop that will go step by step through modding the Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster; one of the hottest blasters on the market.

What will I learn if I join this workshop?
In this workshop you will learn the secret inner workings of the four major classes' of nerf blaster (Electric, Spring, Air, Gas).

We will cover modification principles for both functionality (shoot farther) and cosmetic (wow that's pretty/cool!)

This includes masking & paint, form factor changes (addition and reduction), air-flow restriction removals, and a lot more...

As part of our nerf gun cosmetics instruction, we will be covering an introduction to basic electronics and the use of LED lights to make things glow as well as the basics of Bondo to change shapes of basic guns.

Of course all of this amazing stuff will require some crazy tools; drills, hammers, saws, dremmel's, etc. So we will be going over the proper "safe" use of each tool for beginners.

NOTE: Basic paint colors will be provided. If you would like super fancy colors and want to bring your own, please contact the instructor ahead of time to ensure it is the right type of paint (Must be paint for plastic).

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