KEYNOTE: The Demise of the Cybersecurity Workforce (!?)
2021-10-12, 10:00–10:50, The Point

Our career has been growing like crazy with an estimated 3.5 million unfilled cyber security jobs within the next few years. More certs, more quals, more money, right? But what if we’re wrong? AI, outsourcing, and visa programs may put a huge downward pressure on future job opportunities (and pay) in America. Of course, we don’t WANT this, but shouldn’t a wise professional prepare for possibilities? We’ll look at facts, figures, industry trends, and possible futures that might have us thinking that 2021 represents “the good old days.” No gloom-and-doom here; just a risk-based look at what happens if we really can NOT get the talent regardless of price, and why financial incentives haven't effectively raised the ability level of our cybersecurity workforce.