Beach Lounge & Activities
10-14, 10:00–17:20 (US/Pacific), Beach Lounge

We'll be grilling up food all day and have tons of activities lined up at the Mission Bay Sportcenter that's next to The Point. We'll be running sign-ups for the activities throughout Tuesday & Wednesday and sending out a poll to attendees the week before the event to gauge interest. We look forward to having a great fun day with you all! Here's a sample of the available activities we're considering:

  • Take a Sailing Class
  • Jet Ski Tour of San Diego Coastline
  • Glow Paddleboard Tour (at Night)
  • Paddle Pub Tour of Mission Bay
  • Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga
  • Rent a Jetpack!
  • Rent a Power Boat
  • Rent a Jetski / Waverunner
  • Rent a Sail Boat / Catamaran
  • Rent a SUP / Kayak
  • Ride Rollercoasters