The Unauthorized Guide to the LUNA USB Multitool
2021-10-13, 11:00–11:50 (US/Pacific), The Point

The LUNA USB Multitool is Great Scott Gadgets’s forthcoming FPGA-based platform intended for USB hacking and development. This talk will walk through several supported uses cases, including analyzing high-speed USB traffic, emulating USB devices with the FaceDancer framework, and performing MitM attacks against USB. Additionally, this talk introduces ways you can (ab)use its FPGA-based design in unsupported ways, such as using the hardware as a flexible FPGA development board with extensive USB connectivity, as well as targeting the LUNA gateware to other, unsupported FPGA boards.

The Great Scott Gadgets LUNA USB Multitool hardware is set to begin shipping in late May of 2022. Unfortunately, global events will likely prevent the GSG team from being able to present their new platform before its release, so you get the next best thing – the 100% unofficial, unauthorized talk. Based on my experience with the latest beta hardware and LUNA’s open-source design, I’ll first introduce LUNA, its history, its goals, and its capabilities, then cover applications that currently work out-of-the box, including high-speed USB traffic capture and analysis (in conjunction the open-source ViewSB software) and device emulation/manipulation using FaceDancer. I’ll then pivot to talk about how you can extend LUNA’s functionality by writing new gateware, briefly covering digital logic design, hardware description languages, the nMigen Python-based HDL, and testing your design in simulation. I’ll demonstrate how to build a simple System-on-Chip design based on a simple RISC-V core and write firmware for it to control custom logic, making LUNA a standalone FPGA/SoC development board. I will show off some weird, powerful, and definitely unsupported projects you can create with LUNA. Finally, I’ll talk about other unofficial hardware platforms LUNA targets, how to create additional targets, and how you can get started with LUNA on hardware you might already own!

Keep hacking.

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Karl Koscher is a research scientist working at the University of Washington where he specializes in wireless and embedded systems security. Previously, he was a postdoctoral scholar working with Stefan Savage at UC San Diego. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Washington in 2014, where he was advised by Tadayoshi Kohno.

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