• Blue Day
  • Red Day
  • Tools
  • Lightning Talks
  • Patio Bar
  • Jet Skiing
  • Hot Tub Island
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Bike Ride
  • Sail Boat Racing
  • Escape Rooms
  • Micro Brewery Boat
  • Skydiving
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Sea World
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Blue Day
Mosaic Theory of Information Security (Margaret Fero)
Blue Teaming for Human Rights (Megan DeBlois)
One Person Army - Playbook on how to be the first Security Engineer at a company (Kashish Mittal)
Don’t run with scissors: how to standardize the way your developers use dangerous aspects of your framework (Morgan Roman)
Down the sinkhole with Kubernetes (Alex Ivkin)
TLSMy.net: Enabling HTTPS for home network devices (Karl Koscher)
Lunch Break (me)
A graph-based semi-supervised approach for prioritization and propagation of malware sample analysis (Fabien Dombard)
Static code analysis should work for developers, not for you (Aravind Sreenivasa)
From private to public, working in local government. (Kos (Kyle Osborn))
Purple Haze: The SpearPhishing Experience (Jesse (@bashexplode))
Red Day Registration & Reception Begins (me)
Hacking Even More USB with USB-Tools (Kate Temkin & Mikaela Szekely)
Card cloning doesn't have to be hard. (David Bryan - Aka VideoMan)
AI HACKER! Automatic vulnerability assessment & pen-testing of embedded & other systems (Ulrich Lang, PhD)
Challenges of X.509 certs (Mike)
Navigating the Infosec Job Search (Kirsten Sireci Renner)
Mocking HTTP Services with Burp (Shea Polansky)
Ethercombing - Blockchain brute force cryptanalysis (Adrian Bednarek)
You're probably a young professional and you should probably be investing. Here's how. (Mike Arnoult)
HACKER JEOPARDY: The Road to Vegas, Baby! (Geo... Mark? Hardly!!)
Red Day
Pen testing by asking questions: the Art of Elicitation (Bruce Potter)
Cutting Edge Techniques to Pwn the Gibson (Soldier of FORTRAN)
Gone Calishing: A Red Team Approach to Weaponizing Google Calendar and How to Stop It. (Antonio Piazza)
May the Cloud be with You: Red Teaming GCP (Google Cloud Platform) (Bryce Kunz (@TweekFawkes))
Using drivers for kernel operations during a Red Team operation (Caleb McGary)
NAT Pinning 2.0: bypassing routers & firewalls via web+NAT abuse (Samy Kamkar)
Lunch Break (me)
EDR Is Coming; Hide Yo Sh!t (Michael Leibowitz, Principal Troublemaker and Topher Timzen, Principal Vulnerability Enthusiast)
ZombieLoad: Leaking Data on Intel CPUs (Daniel Moghimi)
Writing PoCs for processor software side-channels (Volodymyr Pikhur)
PERCH: Adding a peripheral layer to Ghidra (Rick Housley)
chip.fail (Thomas Roth and Josh Datko)
100 Seconds of Solitude: Defeating Cisco Trust Anchor With FPGA Bitstream Shenanigans (Jatin Kataria, Ang Cui)
No talks on Sunday, Nov. 10, 2019.