ToorCon TwentyOne speaker: Thomas Roth and Josh Datko

Thomas Roth is an embedded and IoT security researcher and founder of leveldown security. Thomas was named as one of the 30 under 30 in Technology by the Forbes Magazine. His main focus is on IoT, automotive and embedded security, with published research on topics such as ARM TrustZone, payment terminals, hardware wallet security and industrial security.

Josh Datko is an embedded systems engineer, security researcher and former submarine officer. He’s been glitching hardware wallets since 2017, running Cryptotronix since 2013, operating ham radio since 2007, and telling amazing sea stories since before birth.


All smart devices, from cars to IoT, are based around processors. Often these processors are not considered as part of the threat model when designing a product: There is an implicit trust that they just work and that the security features in the datasheet do what they say. This is especially fatal when the processors are used for security products, such as bitcoin wallets, cars, or authentication tokens.

In this presentation we will take a look at using fault injection attacks to break some of the most popular IoT processors - using less than 100USD of equipment.

We will also release software & hardware tools to do so.