ToorCon TwentyOne speaker: David Bryan - Aka VideoMan

David M. N. Bryan is an penetration tester with X-Force Red, IBM’s elite security testing team. Responsibilities include establishing standardized tools and processes for our consultants and working with clients on penetration testing projects.

David has well over a decade of experience. From being a defender of security at a top ten banks, to securing the DEF CON network. David has been a participant in the information security community for over two decades. David has been the attacker in many scenarios as a penetration tester covering: ATMs, embedded devices, network, wireless, web applications, and physical security. David has presented at many security conferences including: BlackHat, DEF CON, ToorCon, LayerOne, ToorCamp, BSides Events, AppSecUSA, Etc. David lives in cold, but beautiful Minneapolis Minnesota.

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Card cloning doesn't have to be hard.

I’ve created an open source web interface to the Proxmark3-rdv4 hardware that makes it easy for anyone to work with the tools. I do a quick overview of technologies, and a live demo of the tool.

Bike Ride

Make sure to show up on time with your bike! There are numerous bike rental shops nearby as well as dockless bikes in the area that you can book with a phone app (Lime, Mobike, Ofo, Spin, Bird, etc) in case you don't mind how fancy your bike is. We're setting up this bike ride to be relatively slow paced so everyone can bike together and will take roughly 2-3 hours for the full round-trip. See you there!