ToorCon TwentyOne speaker: Rick Housley

Rick Housley is a Principal Engineer at United Technologies Corp., where he works as part of UTC’s Cyber Security Center of Expertise. Previous to his time at UTC he worked as a Research Scientist at Red Balloon Security. His research has been showcased at numerous industry and academic conferences including Blackhat, Defcon, REcon, and WOOT. His most recent disclosure “Thrangrycat” was awarded a Pwnie for “Most Underhyped Research” earlier this year. When not designing secure-boot defeating EMPs and interposers, he is building axe handles and baby rattles in his woodshop.

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PERCH: Adding a peripheral layer to Ghidra

PERCH is a tool that adds a new peripheral layer to Ghidra. The parsing of Trace32's .per files enables the augmentation of Ghidra projects with labeled MMIO mappings from thousands of different processors.

Hot Tub Island

Take a boat out to Hot Tub Island! Just meet at the dock next to the event venue to catch a ride out.