Kirsten Sireci Renner

I started my career briefly in software development right out of high school, then went into IT, standing-up and managing help-desks.
I have been technical recruiting for nearly two decades and am now the Director of Recruiting at a thousand person advanced analytics and cyber security company specializing in defense and enablement products and services.
In our community I am possibly best known for being the co-organizer of the Car Hacking Village since its inception, and as a volunteer across many cons including speaking engagements at Shmoocon and Derbycon and many BSides nationwide.
My passion and reputation is for helping people whenever I can.

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Navigating the Infosec Job Search

This is a discussion about closing the gap between the search for the right job in Infosec, and resolving the [perceived] shortage in available talent. We’ll discuss the challenges on both sides, for employers and candidates, touch on some points and truths that are constant, and identify some tactics for success.

Mock Interview Resume Review Workshop

I'll be available to help you spiff up your resume and do practice interviews. Come find me on the patio (Patio Track) to discuss.