HACKER JEOPARDY: The Road to Vegas, Baby!
2019-11-08, 19:15–23:00 (US/Pacific), Blue Day

Hacker Jeopardy is back! Get a team together, test your brains, and win a place in Vegas at DefCon in 2020.

The First Qualifying Round for the 26th Annual Hacker Jeopardy in Vegas

Hacker Jeopardy is coming back to ToorCon! And again we are proud to be the first qualifying regional for the long-standing (in)famous competition at DefCon in August next year.

This is your chance to show off your big geek brains, and make it to finals in Vegas at DefCon 28, next August. Grab a few friends (or even a smart stranger or two), and set up your team now!

THE NUMBER OF TEAMS WILL BE LIMITED, so get your application in. Include team name, exactly 3 players (handles and real names [we protect]) with cell and e-mail so we can contact you, and why you should play. See form at https://forms.gle/uLXtzb3wnYdPovaq6 .