Cutting Edge Techniques to Pwn the Gibson
2019-11-09, 10:30–10:55, Red Day

The year is 2019. Mainframes rule the world. They've ruled the world since the 1960s, but i bet you can't even name a single vuln or exploit. This talk aims to change that by presenting current and cutting edge research in to mainframe (specifically the big boy itself z/OS) attacks. New techniques and tools will be released.

  • Intro/About me (2 mins)
  • Mainframes and z/OS (5 mins)
    • TSO
    • JCL
    • JAVA/C
    • RACF
    • Memory
    • SMF
  • Current research (3 minutes)
    • Talks about updates and changes to z/OS and current attacks
    • Discusses who is researching what
  • Using JAVA to hunt vulns on the mainframe
  • Privesc with JAVA (10 minutes)
    • JAVA on z/OS is homebrew IBM
    • The RACF interfaces for JAVA
    • How to take advantage of them
  • How to Catch Me (4 minutes)
    • What does blue team need to catch me
  • Outro (1 min)
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