Kiosk Red Pills
2019-11-08, 18:50–19:00 (US/Pacific), Blue Day

This talk will focus on the security and attacks against kiosk systems.

Kiosk systems are becoming more ubiquitous throughout society. When you order food, gamble, attend a doctors appointment, go to the mall or travel, there is a decent chance that you will interact with a kiosk. These systems could accept payments, allow you to browse the web or simply point you in the right direction. However, what happens when an attacker gets ahold of these systems? This talk will cover the typical architectures of kiosk systems and detail attack techniques that could be leveraged to bypass security protections and exploit kiosk systems.

Marcus is the President of Somerset Recon and over his carrier has worked on a variety of hardware and software security assessments. In his free time he enjoys reverse engineering, lock picking, web hacking, capture the flag competitions and board sports. He has spoken at a variety of security conferences including RSA conference and LayerOne. Marcus also helps host capture the flag competitions, lock picking villages and regularly guest lectures at several California universities.