Blue Teaming for Human Rights
2019-11-08, 10:30–10:55 (US/Pacific), Blue Day

Let’s take inventory ...
Money: 0
Staff dedicated to security: 0
IT staff: 0
Your adversary: Nation-state actors +
Good luck!

Human rights organizations across the globe face an uphill battle trying to detect nation-state actors trying to compromise their systems. What can we do to support them and how does this impact the rest of us?

This talk will be a deep dive in understanding the human rights ecosystem and how to support some of the most vulnerable populations around the world who are in serious need of defensive allies. What works? What doesn’t? How do we scale? All will be discussed and strategic calls to action will be presented. Support human rights groups around the globe, but support them in the right way.

I lead tech projects at Internews focused around improving civil society’s security literacy and resiliency. Currently working on enhancing threat info sharing capabilities of high risk communities around the globe, while advising on other infosec risks across Internews.

I am also a part time student at the University of Oxford studying for my MSc in Software and Systems Security. My current research and interests lie around better understanding malware operations targeting civil society, journalists, human rights groups, and other targeted communities globally. The more we know, the better we defend.

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