Dan Tentler

Dan Tentler is the Executive Founder and CTO of Phobos Group, a boutique information security services and products company. Having been on both red and blue teams, Dan brings a wealth of both defensive and adversarial knowledge to the colorful and interesting problems the security landscape of today produces for us all. Dan has spent time at Twitter, British Telecom, Websense, Anonymizer, Intuit and Sempra Energy, to name a few and has a strong background in systems, networking, architecture and wireless networks, which translates to strengths in lateral movement, data exfiltration, hiding from the blue team, physical security and a variety of other redteam techniques. Outside of work, Dan enjoys spending time either in his kitchen, or inside the goggles of his FPV aircraft.


The isle of tortuga, but on the internet
Dan Tentler

Despite several thousand companies in the security space doing everything from PR to deep
packet inspection and threat intelligence, the internet is still very much lawless, international
waters. Largely because policymakers and elected officials just "aren’t computer people" and
are woefully underprepared to deal with highly technical topics. Add to this that most
organizations do not actually do much real security - they only do whatever their corporate
compliance legally requires, and few companies do anything more. The result of this
arrangement is that ransomware gangs and other flavors of attackers can do whatever they
want with impunity - and they're getting creative about it. In this presentation we'll cover some
of the threat landscape we've seen in recent years, and what businesses and governments are
doing to stay on top of things.

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